Resource Management


7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Saturday & Sunday

Small unofficial activities (like coffee funds, flower funds, and other small operations) are generally not considered POs. However, if their current assets (which include cash, inventories, receivables, and investments) exceed a monthly average of $1,000 over a 3-month period, the activity/organization must become a PO, discontinue on-base operations, or reduce its current assets below the $1,000 threshold.

Private Organization Guidebook
Establishment Requirements
Establishment Request
Request Waiver of Insurance
Sample Constitution & Bylaws
Banking and Tax Information
Temporary Food Event Application
Annual Review Requirements
Annual Review Request
Insurance Request
Unofficial Activities/Organization Registration
Fundraiser Requirements
Fundraiser Request
Fundraiser Insurance Waiver
Fundraiser Location Request
Fundraiser Public Health Letter of Understanding
Fundraiser Team Roster Template
Fundraiser Raffle Request (Private Organization Only)

AFI 34-201 Use of NAF – Chapter 12
SMW Funds Request Information
SMW Funds Request Procedure
SMW Request Template
SMW Approved Club Menu

Unit Enhancement Funds Request