30 SEPTEMBER 2022!!

In honor of celebrating the 75th Air Force Birthday,
submit your best photos that fit the theme,

“Celebrating Traditions.”

How do you celebrate your traditions? Share with us how you celebrate and practice your traditions with dance, food, parades, decor, community, and more.

Categories for Youth and Adults

(Ages 6-17)

YOUTH CHILD: Ages 6 to 8 years old*
YOUTH PRE-TEEN: Ages 9 to 12 years old*
YOUTH TEEN: Ages 13 to 17 years old*

(Ages 18+)

ADULT NOVICE: Individuals 18 years or older, who are new or inexperienced in the field of photography.

ADULT ACCOMPLISHED: Individuals 18 years or older who have higher photographic skill levels obtained through experience, professional or academic training, or who are self-taught, serious hobbyists, or operate as professional photographers.

*Submissions in the Youth Category must be made by the legal parent or guardian of the minor photographer.
NOTE: Photographers may submit two original photographs, however only one prize will be awarded per entrant.

Participants may enter up to two images. Photographs may be entered in only one category. Photographs will be judged by an expert panel based on Impact, Creativity, and Technical Excellence. Entries will be accepted August 1–31 2022 via Prizes will be awarded to the top three entrants in each category. Only one prize awarded per entrant.

Categories include: Adult Novice, Adult Accomplished, Youth Child (age 6 to 8), Youth Pre-Teen (ages 9 to 12), and Youth Teen (ages 13 to 17). Submissions for the youth categories must be made on behalf of the minor photographer by the legal parent or guardian.

Photographs must be submitted as high-quality JPG/JPEG or PNG files, and must be 300 dpi when saved at approximately 8.5” x 11” (3600 px minimum width required ). Files may not exceed 9MB in size. Winners will be notified via the email provided during the submission process.

Official Contest Rules
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Third Place:
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Prizes are awarded to the top three (3) winners in each category.

Entries accepted
1–31 August 2022

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