Force Support Squadron Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

Kirtland AFB leadership continues to monitor the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation closely. This is a rapidly evolving situation and, as such, can be stressful. We wanted to assure you of our ongoing efforts to protect the safety of all Team Kirtland.
**Updated 24 March 2021 at 1645**

Current KAFB HPCON Level



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Travel restrictions for DoD components in response to COVID-19

For the latest information on COVID-19, please see

New Mexico Department of Health NM DOH

For Kirtland specific information and updates, please see the Kirtland App.

  • Mountain View Club (Closed)
  • Sparetime Grill @ Kirtland Lanes Bowling Center: Open for take-out and limited indoor seating; masks & social distancing enforced
  • Bogey Bar & Grill @ Tijeras Arroyo Golf Course: Open for take-out, limited indoor and outdoor seating; masks & social distancing enforced
  • Outdoor Recreation Center – Open at limited capacity; masks & social distancing enforced
  • Arts & Crafts – Open at limited capacity; masks & social distancing enforced
  • Auto Hobby – self-serve & paid maintenance only (no classes)
  • Aero Club – ground school only
  • Youth Center and CDC – Open
  • Education Center – Open for walk-in's in a limited capacity; masks & social distancing enforced
  • DFAC - Open for 33% capacity for dine in, take out available; masks & social distancing enforced
  • Military Personnel Flight (MPF) - Beginning Mon 29 Mar, open to walk-in customers; masks & social distancing enforced
  • Civilian Personnel Office (CPO) - By appointment only
  • Fitness Center- East Side Open; West Side- Open for 24/7 access only; masks & social distancing enforced
  • Bowling at the Bowling Alley- Open by lane reservation only; masks & social distancing enforced
  • Golf at Golf Course- Open; masks & social distancing enforced
  • ITT- Open; masks & social distancing enforced
  • Indoor Pool- By reservation only
  • Motor Vehicle Department (MVD)- Beginning Mon 29 Mar, open to walk-in customers; masks & social distancing enforced

      For Team Kirtland mission partners, the implementation of the measures will be decided by their respective commanders.

      KAFB 377MDG is currently administering the Moderna COVID vaccine.
      (January 2021)


      What you need to know about requirements of cloth face coverings on KAFB

      DOD has directed the wear of cloth face coverings, to the extent practical, for those who cannot maintain six feet of social distance in public areas or work centers (not including personal residences on military installations.)

      * The KAFB directive applies to the following individuals on KAFB: 1) Military personnel; 2) DOD Civilian employees (Appropriated Fund and NAF); 3) Family members; 4) Contractors; and 5) ALL other individuals on KAFB.

      These individuals will wear cloth face coverings as set forth below:

      1. Use of cloth face coverings (or other mitigating measures, based on operational requirements) is mandatory for all individuals on KAFB when six feet of social distancing is not achievable.
      2. For military members, no later than April 11, 2020, cloth face coverings will be conservative in color (e.g., black, brown, beige/sand, camouflage, OCP pattern preferred, or grey). At all times face coverings must be in good taste, non-offensive, as conservative as possible.
      3. For all others, it is recommended that face coverings be in good taste, non-offensive and as conservative as possible. Civilian employee reimbursement guidance for the mandatory use of face coverings is pending and will be released when it becomes available.
      4. Face coverings should be functional, cleaned regularly, maintained and should cover the mouth and nose.

      * Cloth face covering wear is mandatory in the following areas:

      1. Personnel manning all installation gates
      2. The KAFB Dining Facility
      3. All individuals on KAFB that are engaged in food preparation, food sales, or the stocking of food (not including in home preparation.)

      For those locations / situations not included above, face covering wear is optional, but highly recommended for all other times individuals are in public places.

      For the complete directive, go to the Kirtland App under the Coronavirus icon, Team Kirtland Information, KAFB Commander Directives or the Kirtland website and click on the Coronavirus icon (