About the 377 FSS
When it comes to people programs, community support, and quality of life, there’s one organization on base that handles it all – the 377th Force Support Squadron.

The Force Support structure is intended to streamline processes, maximize customer service and cut the costs of maintaining separate organizations. The 377th FSS includes five flights which combine similar functional areas that already work closely together:
• Force Development – all education, training, professional development and professional military education.
• Manpower and Personnel – manpower, civilian personnel, military personnel and non-appropriated fund employees.
• Airmen and Family Services – airman and family readiness center, child development center, family child care and youth programs.
• Sustainment Services – food operations, clubs, lodging, and fitness and sports.
• Community Services – golf course, outdoor recreation, ITT, auto shop, and aero club.
The 377th FSS command section is located in Bldg 20350.

Bottom line – One thing remains the same for the 377th Force Support Squadron; the dedicated professionals continue to provide the best support possible to our Team Kirtland customers.