UNITE Program

UNITE Program empowers unit commanders to plan recreational and cohesive activities to strengthen the squadron.

Assigned personnel includes Active Duty, APF/GS and NAF Civilians.

Unit CC and CL can designate in writing a POC to plan programs for cohesion and teambuilding on CCs behalf, see POC Letter for more information.


Joni Van Meir
Community Cohesion Coordinator
and UNITE Program


UNITE Office is located inside
The CORE, Bldg 20170
8001 Gibson Blvd SE

The C3 will confirm your allocation/approvals and will make payments on your behalf. Payments will be made based on the final invoice/reservation and the approval from AFSVC.
FY22 Allocations

$13.50/person APF: Activity expenses (equipment rentals, program supplies, decorations & entertainment)
$5/person NAF: Food and beverage expenses

  • Funds CAN'T be used to augment holiday parties on or off the installation
  • Meals must be used in conjunction with an approved UNITE event
  • Funds CAN'T be used for alcohol or prizes
  • UNITE funds CAN'T be combined with unit funds or SM&W funds
  • Private org funds may be used to supplement funding

Hosting your First UNITE Event

  1. Complete the POC Appointment Letter

    Squadron Commanders, please complete the Appointment Letter 

  2. Fill out the Event Proposal Form

    Meet with your installation C3 to discuss your objectives, event ideas, and to complete the Event Proposal Form.

  3. Have Fun!
  4. Submit After Action Report

    We are relying on you to provide detailed after action information to improve the program.
    After Action Report form

Types of Events

  • Ready to Execute (RTE)

    RTE programs are easy to implement. They keep funds on the installation and should be considered first.

  • Unit Developed (UDP)

    You have the freedom to design an event unique to your squadron on or off of the installation. Unit driven events require your Commander's signature and approval from the AF Services Activity which may take up to 30 days.

  • Volunteer Events

    Free & volunteer events are automatically approved. There is no limit to how many volunteer events a unit can host.

Ready to Execute Programs

Prices may have changed/updated due to internal price increases; verifying current pricing with facility will need to be completed prior to completing request form.
Outdoor Rec
Boulder Lab Climbing
Duration: 2 hours
Location: Kirtland AFB Boulder Lab
Min. 16 │ Max. 50 Participants
Cost: 13.50/person
Reservation Time: 2 weeks

Rent the “Boulder Lab” for 2 hours and enjoy climbing, party room, games, and an hour of team building elements. Reserve this room for you squadron or unit to have all to yourself. This is a great day to have fun and enjoy cohesion elements to build unity with your squadrons.

This includes the following:
· Boulder lab rental for 2 hours
· All the games inside the room
· Private party room
· An ODR Staff member for
an hour (team cohesion portion of event)
· Shoe rentals

Team Challenge Course
(Mobile team challenge kit)*
Duration: 1 to 2 Hours
Location: Marquez Park or Millennium Park
Min. 17 │ Max. 30 Participants
Cost: $13.50/person
Reservation time: 1 week

Rent one of our parks to have a competitive unit moral day. Teams will work together to complete a variety of challenges, requiring out of the box thinking, effective communication, and teamwork. These challenges are great for building trust, communication, team cohesion and discovering inner leadership qualities.

This includes the following:
· Park reservation for 2 hours
· 2 ODR staff members
· Mobile team challenge kit.

Park Team Building Fun Day
Duration: 2 to 4 hours
Location: Marquez Park or Millennium Park
Min. 16 │ Max. 60 Participants
Cost: $13.50/person
Reservation Time: 1 week

Teams will strategize who “the Best” contender is to compete in each relay. Teamwork, communication, and physical endurance will lead the teams to victory! Consider volleyball tournaments, tug-o-war, and spike ball tournaments.
· Park reservation for 2 hours
· A ODR staff member (team cohesion portion of event)
· Package A: 4 drink dispensers, popcorn maker, horseshoe game, spike ball, 2 coolers, 2 frame games, tug of war, snow cone machine, 3 sports balls, and pub or tavern inflatable.
Package B: Park reservation for 4 hours
· A ODR Staff member (team cohesion portion of event)
· Additional items: dunk booth, big foot race, (5) 8 foot tables, (40) chairs, additional cooler, charcoal grill, and cotton candy machine.

Pool Event Day
Duration: 3 hours
Location: Kirtland Aquatic Center
Min. 26 │ Max. 55 Participants
Cost: $13.50/person
Reservation Time: 2 weeks

Rent out the indoor pool for 3 hours and enjoy a variety of team-building games.
Some of the games to choose from are: water polo, Key Log Challenge, kayak tag, and kayak battleship. All these fun competitive games require teamwork and communication.

· 2 lifeguards
· Equipment to play any of the games
· An ODR Staff for an hour (team cohesion portion of event)

Cochiti Lake Day
Duration: 5 hours
Location: Cochiti Lake, NM
Min.: 14 │ Max.:50 Participants
Cost: 13.50/person
Reservation time: 3 weeks

Let outdoor recreation provide a fun filled Lake day. Outdoor Recreation will provide water craft so participants can enjoy the water. We will provide stand up paddle boards or kayaks as the water craft. While at the Lake ODR staff will provide some team building water challenges for groups to compete against each other in friendly competition. * Transportation not included.

· ODR staff
· Water craft (example Stand up Paddle Board)

Archery Tag
Duration: 2 hours
Location: Depends on availability & weather
Min.: 8 │ Max.: 16 Participants
Cost: $13.50/person
Reservation Time: 2 weeks

Archery tag is a good game for units or squadrons to use for a fun risk free competitive team game. Two teams compete against each other using foam tip arrows and try to be the last team standing. This game is great for communicating, strategizing, and teamwork.

· Archery kits (bows, arrows, and masks)

Arts & Crafts Center
Instructed Canvas Painting
Location: Dependent Upon Number
of Participants (<20 Arts & Crafts Center
>20- Mountain View Club*)
Duration: 2 hours
Min. 5 │ Max. 50 Participants
Cost: $13.50/person
Reservation Time: 2 weeks

Schedule a private canvas painting class for your unit! The possibilities are endless! Choose a pre-made canvas designs, or work with our instructor to create a unique image just for your group!* Team-building elements will be incorporated through the instruction, as we focus on how great teams incorporate a variety of elements, skills, and techniques, just as great paintings do!
· Professional Instructor
·All supplies and materials (canvas, paints, brushes, aprons, easels)
· 2 hours of studio time/instruction
· Pizza and soft drinks for an additional $5/person
*Subject to facility/staff availability.
*Canvas design must be finalized with instructor at least 1 week prior to reservation.

Ceramic Paint Party & Pizza
Duration: 2 hours
Min. 5 │ Max. 50 Participants
Cost: $13.50/person
Reservation Time: 1 week for
in-stock items; 3 weeks for
custom-order items*

Take your pick from our on-hand ceramic items, or special-order items just for your unit! We’ll
kick things off with some fun cohesion-building activities to ensure that the ceramics are the only fragile part of your team when you leave!
· Up to $12.00 of ceramic item(s)/person
·All supplies and materials (glaze, brushes, stencils, paint trays, aprons)
· Firing of ceramic items
· 2 hours of studio time
· Team-building activities
· Pizza and soft drinks for an additional $5/person
*Custom ceramic items can be special ordered 3 weeks prior to date of reservation with payment made in full at time of order−no refunds.

Albuquerque Isotopes Baseball
Game- Box Level Seats
Location: Purchase tickets at ITT; game at Isotopes Park (1601 Avenida Cesar Chavez SE, Albuquerque)
Duration: 3 hours
Min.: No min. │Max.: 50 Participants
Cost: $13.00/person
Reservation Time: 2 weeks for private tours; 2 hours for regularly scheduled tours

Want to strengthen your team? What better way than going to see a professional baseball team in action! Even though your team may not be sports-related, some of the same strategies and principles can be applied to get you performing at your best! Excellent opportunity for examining how each individual role contributes to the overall unit mission!
· Ticket vouchers for game

Auto Hobby
Demonstration and Application
Duration: 2 hours
Min. 5 │ Max. 12 Participants
Cost: $13.50p/person
Reservation Time: 2 weeks

Let our professional staff at the Auto Hobby Shop help your team (and your vehicles) become a well-oiled machine! Our professional mechanics will walk you through each step of either winterizing a vehicle or preparing it for a long road trip.* Then, participants will have the chance to perform the same steps on their own vehicles while using one of the bays at Auto Hobby. Participant collaboration will be essential while ultimately learning to work together for optimum performance!

· Professional Instructor
· Team building activities
· 1 hour demonstration/class
· 1 hour of bay use/person
· Necessary tools/equipment*
· Pizza and soft drinks for an additional $5/person
*Other topics may be possible. Discuss your ideas with the Auto Hobby Shop!
*All tools/equipment related to the demonstration topic are included in the cost. There may be an additional cost for extra fluids and/or specialty equipment. Ask the Auto Hobby Shop for more details.

By the Lane
Duration: 2 or 3 hours
Min.: 5 │ Max.: 72 Participants
Cost: $81/hour for 6 bowlers or $13.50/person

Schedule lane rental with Kirtland Bowling Center where we will provide a fun environment for your unit by bringing friendly competition, team-building, and unit cohesion.

•:Lane and shoe rental
•Food & drinks provided for an additional $5/person

Stay and Play
Duration: 1 hour bowl, 1 hour bat
Min.: 5 │ Max.: 72 Participants
Cost: $13.50/person

Come to the Bowling Center with your unit and enjoy one hour of bowling, and one hour of batting with your co-workers!

Quick Golf
Duration: 1 Hour - 7 - 8 a.m. M-F
Min. 8 │ Max. 24 Participants
Cost: $10/person

Come play 9 holes with 4 clubs a person. In this quick game, the score is a combination of strokes and time (hit and run) in a fun game that combines PT and golf! No carts are used! Breakfast afterwards optional

9 Hole Par Three Event
Duration: N/A
Min. 20 │ Max. 40 Participants
Cost: $12/person
Glow Golf
Duration: 2 Hours
Min. 20 Max. │ 100 Participants
Cost: $20/person*

Get our on the green at twilight and enjoy the experience of playing 9 holes at night !
*Additional $6.50 will not be supported by AFSVC.

Lunch n’ Range
Duration: N/A
Min. 6 │ Max. 30 Participants
Cost: $5/person

Lunch followed by a range session with our very own PGA Professional!