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The 377th FSS is located at Kirtland Air Force Base in sunny Albuquerque, New Mexico. Albuquerque enjoys blue skies 310 days out of the year and is full of diverse cultures, unique experiences, great cuisine, spectacular historical sites, and outstanding outdoor activity opportunities.

Being a part of the 377th Force Support Squadron gives you the ability to make a meaningful impact on the lives of Airmen and their families. In addition to this, Air Force Nonappropriated Fund (AFNAF) employees of any employment category are eligible to use FSS activities on base that include: Free gym at the East and West Fitness Centers, free movies at the Base Theater, Bowling Center, Outdoor Recreation, MVD, Golf Course, Childcare, Club, Arts and Crafts Center, Information, Ticket, and Tour, Lodging, Aero Club, Auto Hobby Shop, and Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

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Current Positions

Recreation Assistant (Arts & Crafts Center)
Closes at 11:59 EDT on 01/30/2023

Cook (Youth Programs)
Closes at 11:59 EDT on 01/31/2023

Child and Youth Program Assistant (Youth Programs)
Closes at 11:59 EDT on 02/06/2023

Closes at 11:59 EDT on 02/07/2023

RECREATION AID (Bowling Center)
Closes at 11:59 EDT on 02/07/2023

Closes at 11:59 EDT on 02/10/2023

Social Media-Marketing Assistant (Marketing)
Closes at 11:59 EDT on 02/10/2023

Non-appropriated Fund (NAF) Employment

NAF employment is federal employment, but is not considered “Civil Service” employment. The difference between NAF employment and Civil Service employment is the manner in which positions are funded. Civil Service positions are funded by congressional appropriations, and NAF is primarily funded by revenue generated by services activities including Clubs, restaurants, Bowling Centers, Outdoor Recreation, and more! Although there are similarities between the two systems, each is separate and distinct form the other and operates under its own personnel policies and procedures.

Kirtland Human Resources Office is responsible for all Non-appropriated Fund (NAF) job opportunities on Kirtland Air Force Base. Please follow the link to to see a list of positions that are currently open.

Air Force Nonappropriated Fund (AFNAF) Services Career Program

The AFNAF Services Career Program (referred to as the Career Program) deals with three areas of the civilian work force; the career executive force (those currently working in Career Program covered positions); the general work force (those eligible for referral to Career Program positions); and the Management Trainee (those in entry level, development positions managed by the Career Program).
The AFNAF Services Career Program is chartered by the Services Policy Council to identify, develop, employ and retain men and women with the skills necessary to satisfy current and future Air Force requirements. The Services Policy Council, made up of civilian members (both NAF and appropriated fund (APF) functionalists and civilian personnel advisors), provides management policy and direction. (Reference AFMAN 36-606, Air Force Civilian Career Program Management, Volume I.) When necessary, the policy council convenes panels to assist in the development of various aspects of the Career Program; e.g., training and development, placements, promotion evaluation pattern (PEP), etc. The day-to-day administration of the program is conducted by the NAF Career Program team, using policies developed by the Services Policy Council and appropriate legal and regulatory guidance. This team provides Career Program advice to registrants, as well as information about program operations to the functional and Human Resources communities.

The NAF Career Program centrally manages the following NF-IV and above positions.

  • Club Managers
  • Assistant Club Managers
  • Name Brand Restaurant Managers
  • Golf Course Managers
  • Assistant Golf Course Managers
  • Golf Course Superintendents
  • Bowling Center Managers
  • Assistant Bowling Center Managers
  • Lodging Managers
  • Assistant Lodging Managers
  • Air Force Services Agency (AFSVA) and Major Commands (MAJCOM) (Bowling, Golf, Lodging, Business Operations, and Human Resources (HR) Specialists)

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Employment opportunities typically exist in the
following areas:
• Accounting
• Administrative
• Cashier
• Child Care
• Customer Service
• Food Service
• Human Resources
• Marketing
• Recreation
• Training