Family Child Care


Contact Reina Torres at

Mon-Fri, 8 a.m. to Noon:  853-5521 at the Maxwell CDC

Mon-Fri, 1-5 p.m.: 846-1802 at the FCC office



Family Child Care (FCC) provides families with a wonderful alternative to large group childcare! FCC providers are licensed by the Air Force and provide high-quality childcare services in their own homes on base or nearby in the local community. Extensive training and direct oversight of each program assists providers in growing as professionals while offering care in a nurturing home environment.

Tips When Selecting A Provider
  • Ask to see the home, and don’t be afraid to ask questions about things that interest you or concern you.
  • Not every home will be a good match for you, your child, or the provider. Spend some time sharing information to determine if your goals and needs coordinate with the provider’s program.
  • Read the contract thoroughly. If there is something in the contract that you disagree with, discuss with the Provider. Make sure all changes are in writing. If they are not willing to make compromises, decide whether you can live with the decision and if you cannot, find another provider that better fits your needs.
  • Visit the home during child care hours. Are the children playing happily? Are they clean? Are the children doing the activities that are posted on the schedule? Does your child seem comfortable in that setting?
  • It is a requirement of the program that a signed contract between the provider and the parent is accomplished prior to care being provided. The contract will include hours of operation, fees, payment schedule, vacation policies, sick leave and absences, responsibility for alternate care, and a termination policy.

If for any reason you have issues or concerns about your provider or a prospective provider and the care he/she is providing, please contact the Family Child Care Coordinator at (505) 846-1802. Parent Responsibilities

Becoming an FCC Provider