Family Child Care

Family Child Care (FCC) provides families with a wonderful alternative to large group childcare! FCC providers are licensed by the Air Force and provide high-quality childcare services in their own homes on base or nearby in the local community. Extensive training and direct oversight of each program assists providers in growing as professionals while offering care in a nurturing home environment.


Subsidy Program
Subsidy is a program provided by the Air Force that “buys down” the cost of childcare for families with children enrolled in Air Force Child Development Centers or Family Child Care homes. Parents pay the same fees that they would pay if their children were enrolled in the CDC. Fees are based on total family income.
Extended Duty Child Care
This special child care program is designed to assist parents whose work schedules temporarily require child care beyond the hours of the CDC and school-age program. This additional care is provided in a specifically contracted licensed FCC home. Arrangements must be coordinated with the CDC and the FCC office. The FCC coordinator can provide detailed information about this service.
Child Care for PCS
Up to 20 hours of child care per child is available to assist families during the relocation process. This program is open to all ranks and is offered through the Air Force Aid Society. Care is arranged in a licensed FCC home. Contact the Family Support Center at (505) 846-0741/0751 for more information.
Returning Home Care
Active duty, Air National Guard, and Air Force Reserve members returning to their home stations after deployments of a minimum of 30 calendar days or personnel who routinely deploy on a short-term basis (cumulative of 30 days in a six month period) in support of contingency operations, we will receive 16 hours of child care per child (12 years and under) FREE. Child care is offered in the EDC homes. Each member may use no more than 16 hours of care per child per six-month period.
Child Care for Volunteers
Base volunteers may be eligible for free childcare during the times that they are volunteering.
Becoming an FCC Provider

There is a requirement to be a licensed in order to provide childcare in base housing. Contact the FCC office at (505) 846-1802 to obtain an application packet. Complete and return the packet, and you are ready to attend an orientation class! Training in CPR, First Aid, child guidance, health and nutrition, and basic business operations will be provided during this class – once completed you will have all of the tools you need to get started running your own business!

Providers have specific guidelines to follow to become a licensed Air Force Family Child Care Provider. A part of this process is to ensure that they have all of the proper paperwork and documentation on each of the children, and that is where you, as the parent, come in. Prior to your child being admitted into a home, you must provide:

  • Completed AF Form 1181, “Youth Flight Patron Registration”, on each child.
  • Completed AF Form 357 for dual/single military parent(s)
  • Medical information for each child, permission to treat emergencies signed by the parent(s), child’s allergies, chronic illness and other known health problems and immunizations (recorded on the AF form 1181)
  • Signed permission from the parents for the provider to take children on field trips and in a vehicle.
  • A daily sign-in/out record, complete with parents signature, dates and times, child(ren) were signed in/out of the program. USDA Food Program