Military Personnel

Please note the following closure dates:

Exercise*: Mon 12 Feb through Thu 15 Feb.

AFGSC Family Day: Fri 16 Feb through Mon 19 Feb

Training Day: Thu 22 Feb

*closed with the exception of emergencies

Due to equipment issues, the CAC/ID/DEERs section’s walk-in hours are being adjusted.  Starting 11 Sep 2023, the new walk-in hours will be from 0730 – 0930 Monday through Friday. To help mediate any inconveniences this may cause, we encourage you to utilize the following self-service options:

  • Order a new Retiree/Dependent ID online and have it mailed to you in 30 days please visit and follow the visuals in the DD Form 1172-2 drop-down
    • Please keep in mind that this process takes 30 days to be completed
    • This option only works for already established IDs
  • Order a new Retiree/Dependent ID and pick it up in 2 -3 duty days; please utilize the Kiosks located in the Consolidated Support Squadron
    • Must have all required documentation (2 forms of unexpired ID)
    • Must have a signed DD1172, or the sponsor must attend for ID card pick-up
    • Please remember that this process takes 2-3 duty days to complete IF all submitted documentation is ready. Member will be contacted if their package is incorrect.

How to Obtain a DD Form 1172-2

How to Order an ID Online

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