Kirtland Aero Club Flight Center

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a pilot?

Flying the open skies for many is a lifetime adventure, and multidimensional activity that can be enjoyed on many levels. From sightseeing to technical flying, the dream can be a reality and a path to an exciting career opportunity. The Kirtland Flight Center is a full service recreational flight training facility offering a complete line of professional aviation courses and economical aircraft rentals.

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Hours of Operation:
8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
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Flight Center Services

  • Aviation Courses

    The Kirtland Flight Center aviation courses feature
    the most recent Jeppesen training materials, including the Guided Flight Discovery Program for private pilots. Our courses are FAA approved under CFR Part 141. Depending on the course, students may be eligible for financial assistance through the Veteran’s Administration (VA) flight training program.

  • Ground School Courses

    Ground Schools are offered on a regular basis for the Private Pilot Course. Instrument and Commercial Courses are offered as demand warrants.

  • Discovery Flight

    You can take a  flight with a professional flight instructor. Call to reserve a seat or request additional information. Limited to 1 discovery flight per customer.

    Discovery Flights:2-Seater aircraft : $149.00 Instructor: $43.00 =$192.00 per hour.4-Seater aircraft : $152.00 Instructor: $43.00 =$195.00 per hour.

The following prices are effective as of 7 April 2023. Rates are subject to change due to fluctuations in fuel prices. Reduced rates are available! Receive a 5% discount on the “Regular Rate (Wet)” prices below (see Block Rate) when depositing a minimum of $500 into a block account.

Is flying for you? Try one of our Discovery Flights for only $149 /hr.

Aircraft Tail Number Regular Rate
Block Rate X-country Rate
(>3.0 hours)
T41C Mescalaro
(2-seat, 210 HP)
N7882N $149/hr $135/hr $118/hr 115 KTS
T41C Mescalaro
(2-seat, 210 HP)
N7752L $149/hr $135/hr $118/hr 115 KTS
T41C Mescalaro
(4-seat, 210 HP)
N7867N $152/hr $138/hr $118/hr 115 KTS
T41C Mescalaro
(4-seat, 210 HP)
N7887N $152/hr $138/hr $118/hr 115 KTS
Cessna 182RG
(235 HP, retractable gear)
N9849C $187/hr $170/hr $148/hr 148 KTS

Membership Eligibility

Active Duty
Retired Military
DoD Employees
Federal Employees on KAFB
Active Reserve Forces
National Guard
Contract Personnel
Civil Air Patrol
U.S. Customs
Sandia Labs Employees

Membership Fees

A one-time initiation fee of $50 is collected when you join. This fee may be waived with a letter of good standing from another Department of Defense Aero Club or Flight Center.

Payment for activities are due as services are rendered and can be made by cash, check or credit card. Membership dues ($25) are billed via credit card monthly.

Safety Meetings

Members are required to attend a monthly safety meeting. Missed meetings may be made up by watching the safety meeting video or reading the minutes.