Leadership Pathways



Leadership Pathways is professional and personal development for leaders of all levels.

The purpose is to increase your knowledge and ability to be a strong, resilient Wingman. The Leadership Pathways program includes voluntary classes/events/programs offered on Kirtland AFB.

If you do not see a course listed that you would like to have considered for inclusion in Leadership Pathways course catalog, please contact the POC’s listed above for validation.

Military members and DoD civilian employees who earn 250 points will be eligible for a Leadership Pathways Certificate of Accomplishment and a Leadership Pathways Coin. Family members of military personnel and NAF employees will be eligible to receive a Leadership Pathways Certificate of Accomplishment. Airmen who earn 500 or more points may be considered for an Air Force Achievement Medal. 

NOTE:  To receive consideration for an Air Force Achievement Medal, members will be required to meet the milestone of 500 points and provide a detailed essay of their journey in the Leadership Pathways Program.  This essay should describe how the member used Leadership Pathways program to give back to the community, their squadron, and the Team Kirtland mission.

Course Catalogue